Durham Cathedral.


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Welcome to our site, please look around and learn a little about our Club and the sport of Target Shooting.

Our shooting range is in Durham city.

We are a friendly bunch of people shooting a mixture of Small-bore Rifle, Match Air Pistol/Rifle and Sporting Rifle disciplines.

Having approximately 80 members, we meet weekday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Members are encouraged to participate in various Postal and Club competitions but this is not compulsory!

The range has full disabled access.

The Club is affiliated to the National Small-bore Rifle Association and the Durham County Small-bore Rifle Association.

Mission Statement.

To bring together shooters of all disciplines, ability and interests, to compete, practice and share their enthusiasm for firearms in an encouraging, respectful and safe fellowship.


To encourage and facilitate the ongoing growth and success of all shooting sports.

To encourage new members of all ages, sexes, races,religions and abilities to join the club.

To actively seek the involvement of under 18 year old minors in the sport and to teach them the discipline required to be permitted to handle and own firearms.

To raise the profile of all shooting disciplines within our society.

To support and defend each member's rights and privileges by any legitimate means.